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Owning 2022

Let me make sure I am talking to right person before we go any further, are you ambitious, are you for sure going to be successful, do you want the whole bag, if that is you then I am talking to the right person?

Let's make this clear right now, if you are going to be successful, like rich rich, you must learn about real estate. Let me repeat, if you want to be successful you have to learn about real estate. Ok now that that is out of the way my team and I are doing some amazing things you can join us on.

  1. Investment Club We launch our investment program where the everyday Bahamians can own a piece of Bahamas real estate for as little as five (5) dollars, yup you heard it five dollars. We will invest in a range of properties that fit specific criteria. Properties that we can rent short-term, resell, renovate & flip are the kinds of purchases that we will focus on. I am beyond excited about this potential of this idea, it's giving me sunshine boys vibes and will offer so many people the ability to own real estate in a market where it's very difficult to do so.

  2. First Time Buyer Group | Real Estate Bosses We've been following some international facebook groups exclusively for First Time Buyers, we're launching one for the Bahamas that will help people who know very little about real estate navigate and understand how to succeed in Bahamas real estate. We think this will be an amazing resource for those looking to learn from people actually doing it. Join Facebook Group | Join Telegram Group

  3. Financial Wellness Course In partnership with Drewber Solutions we are bringing together an amazing program where those looking to become more financially responsible, save more money, budget more money, and understand money differently. One thing I've personally gone through is making a lot of money and spending way too much of it on the wrong things.

  4. Owning 2022 We've put on this event before where we put the realtor, banker, lawyer, insurer, mortgage broker and financial planner all in the room to walk you through every part of a real estate transaction. As we end the best year in Bahamas real estate history we want to help the buyers of 2022 understand how to become a boss in real estate.

These new developments will impact the lives of so many people and really come from my heart. I still wish in many areas of my life that someone would hold my hand and help me out succeed. I wanted to help me someone learn real estate, learn marketing and business.

The concepts we have launched is me and my team holding your hand to succeed in real estate and we looking forward to helping you.

If you haven't registered to this group already please

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