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Don't be Silly | Buyer's Guide

Hi again i hope your'e well, I'll keep this short and sweet. Think about you getting a divorce which would be very sad and expensive, but in an effort to save money and time you decide to use the same attorney your ex is using, that would be downright silly, to put it mildly.

When you are buying real estate there are some similarities. The agent representing the buyer is conflicted in loyalty they can't actually serve both clients best interest. And so in short you need to have your'e own agent here's a few reasons why.

  1. Fiduciary A commitment to put your best interests first.

  2. Transparency A seller's agent shouldn't tell you what their client's bottom is or what the most aggressive offer is that would be considered, but your own agent can help you determine these. If you told the seller's agent how much you love the home this could jeopardize your negotiating position when it wouldn't do so if you told this to your buyer's agent.

  3. Data Your own agent has MLS information that can considerably help you, like days on market, sales data like homes or properties in the area, and more.

All in all it just makes sense to have someone representing you and making sure to ask the tough questions, negotiating for your best interest.

The owner has someone representing them, shouldn't you.

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