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Bless the Buyer who has.....

I'm not sure if this parental cliche is still as popular as it was when I was younger but it goes, "Bless the child who has his own". The statement means to imply that the child or person for that matter that has the thing, the item or possession has an advantage over their peers. And while it may not be used as much as it was in times past the sentiment remains the same.

In this case thought we're talking about a buyer, and what would benefit them if they had their own. The answer and best kept secret in real estate is, their own agent. It's like if you are looking to buy a house and because your dad isn't available you asked the owner's dad to come tour the house with you and give an objective opinion, absurd right!

It's nearly the same thing when you are looking to buy real estate and you don't have your own agent help you ask the hard questions and negotiate for your best interest. Your agent will ensure the nest price for you, the owner's agent will do the same the owner which means if you see the home and subsequently make an offer you don't have anyone on your side.

In short here are some benefits of having your own agent.

  • Buyer Loyalty

  • Negotiation

  • Discretion

  • Fiduciary Commitment

  • Real Estate Experience

  • Strategy

How to get your own agent?

Well it's simple, let me or the person you have you are working with know I would like to have you represent me in my purchase. This let's them know that you are serious, that you will only see real estate with them and gives them more motivation to prioritize your search.

How much does this cost?

Getting an agent to represent you is absolutely free since the owner 99% of the time pays the real estate commission, this is a win-win for you because you get someone working for you and your best interests for free.

How to save $10,000 dollars when buying?

Well generally I have helped my buyers save on average of $10,000 when buying real estate using my skills in negotiation to help them get the best deal. In addition we have strategic partners in banking, construction, and law who offer discounts to people that we refer. This also removes some of the headache around buying real estate.

You Ready?

If you are ready to take your real estate search seriously and have me be "your agent" send me a whats app right now and say "I'm ready!" Click here to whats app me

If you're ready I am, let's make it happen.

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